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Step-By-Step Guide


It’s no secret that CrossFit can SEEM very intimidating. You’ve done your research and have seen plenty of videos of men and women, who are seriously ripped, lifting a ton of weight, doing rope climbs and a bunch of other movements that make you think:

“There is no way I could ever do this.”

Well, fortunately, you’re wrong.

We often hear “I wish I would’ve started doing this years ago.” And time and time again intimidation is often a big factor as to why clients didn’t start much sooner. Sure, CrossFit can be difficult, but a workout is NEVER impossible. CrossFit is universally scalable. That means no matter who walks into the doors of CFC, we can give them the same exact workout as every other client we have and be able to scale, or modify, according to their fitness level.

We understand that we are not all built the same or at the same place on our fitness journey and we treat each of you as such. We still want you to work as hard as the person next to you, BUT only according to YOUR fitness level. So that could mean using less weight, making the run shorter, doing ring rows instead of pull ups or just moving a little slower.

Can’t do pull ups? No problem. Haven’t climbed a rope since grade school? No problem. Is a 1 mile run more running than you’ve probably done all year? We’ve got you covered.


Fill out our form to get your FREE One Week Pass. A CrossFit Centereach team member will be in contact with you shortly for your consultation, to schedule your intro and get you started.


Once your intro is scheduled head on over to 69A Horseblock Road, Centereach, NY 11720. Parking is available in front of the big bay doors as well as parking on the left side side of our building.


Walk into the doors of CFC. When you walk in you can head straight to our front desk to create your online profile which you will use to sign up for classes. After an introduction and warm up, we will teach you some of the fundamental movements before transitioning into a workout.  All workouts are scaled appropriately and we promise you can do it!