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Team Sports Program


The Benefits of Introducing CrossFit to Young Athletes

CrossFit has shown to be a superior methodology for developing functional strength, balance, agility, and stamina relative to traditional strength and conditioning methodologies. Now is the opportunity to take time away from your sport to develop the skill and strength needed to get a positive response from CrossFit.  By integrating CrossFit workouts with sport-specific programming and skill-work, CrossFit Centereach’s Team Sports Program offers athletes and teams the opportunity to experience the benefits of CrossFit programming without asking athletes or teams to spend substantial time away from their sport. In addition to yielding tremendous strength and conditioning gains, CrossFit Centereach’s Team Sports Program:

1.)  Reduce the likelihood of injury. Because the functional Movements prescribed by CrossFit better replicates movements common to most sports, afford athletes better control over their own movements, and better equip athletes to handle loads they apply to external objects, CrossFit can dramatically reduce the likelihood of overuse and misuse injuries.

2.)  Improve each athlete’s ability to adopt new skills. CrossFit eliminates the most common barrier preventing athletic skill development – a lack of proper mobility and body awareness– by systematically eliminating the restrictions each athlete has on their ability to move properly and learning how to move their body with precision and proper body mechanics.

3.)  Improve camaraderie and leadership skills. Humbling for athletes at every level of fitness and skill, CrossFit instills all participants with a healthy sense of humility, empathy, courage, and respect – all qualities essential for both leaders, and within a constructive team dynamic.